Bodie Ghost Town: Echos of The Past

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For the past several years my Uncle has run the trout ponds at McGee Creek RV Resort and Campground.

Despite my love for the outdoors I never took the oppourtunity to visit Mammoth and partake in the beauty that is the Sierra Nevada Mountains. My girlfriend and I decided to take advantage of the long Labor Day Weekend and spend three days fishing, camping, and exploring the area.

The highlight of the trip was our visit to Bodie State Historic Park.

I’ve been wanting to visit Bodie since I named my first Jeep after the town way back in 2007. It’s been on my bucket list and always in the back of my mind. A town preserved in a state of arrested decay, Bodie looks like it did when the last person left many decades ago. You can walk the streets, peer through the windows, and get a glimpse of what it must have felt like to live in Bodie during it’s peak (1881 or so). The Schoolhouse still has the chalkboards on the wall, the bars still have bottles behind the counter, the mortuary still has caskets, and the mill echoes of the workers long since gone.

Enjoy the photos! (Click for full size)










Hidden by Nothing

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Most people drive through it without ever giving any thought as to what is outside their window. Short days and long nights are on the mind. What bar should we go to? Shots when we check in? Will we get a corner view? That’s usually how the trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas goes. For most people it is a long desert highway accompanied by an urge to pass through the desolate landscape as fast as you can.

When you do decide to briefly glance out the window on that drive, you see the hills and mountains in the distance. Then you turn your attention back inside the car and that’s that, it all looks the same.

That’s how it goes for most people.

However, there is something out there and it’s hidden by the nothingness of that drive. It’s how the desert protects itself. It tricks people into thinking that nothing exists beyond the highway. The desert lives and breathes and for the few people who venture out beyond, a sense of uncorrupted freedom awaits.

Some days the only things you hear are the gentle wisps of wind in the distance, followed by the quiet rustle of the creosote bushes. There are no phone calls to answer, no emails to respond to, no bills to pay; there exists nothing except yourself, and the wild world around you.

It is a wild untouched place, hidden by veiled desolation.

(Photos taken during the Wildflower bloom: Spring 2015)








Life finds a way…

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Even in the harshest environment life flourishes.

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Feeling the spirit at the top…

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God’s Country – enough said. topofmountain

Past, Present, and Future

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If you were able to, you could come back to this very spot in 1,000 years and see the same beautiful stretch of desert, virtually unchanged.

Out here you can see the past, present, and future at the same time.

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New Jeep Concepts for Easter Jeep Safari

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This is my favorite. A mild lift, with 35″ tires, Dana 44s front and back, and outfitted for Overlanding. Check out those jerry can mounts too. So many fantastic ideas.


The return of Don Draper

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Last October our beloved desert tortoise disappeared. We searched the backyard, canvassed the neighborhood, placed flyers on doorsteps, and rang many doorbells. After a few weeks we had given up hope that Don Draper would ever come back. Turns out the little butt was hiding deep in the shed. Pops opened up the door today and he was right there waiting to come out. 38 year old Don Draper is back!



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