About Time…

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How much time do we really have?

There are folks that say, “We have enough time in the world”. Then there are others that say, “Live everyday as if it’s your last”.

How should we live our life knowing that at any moment it can all change in an instant? I prefer to think that it’s somewhere in between thinking we have enough time and living every day as if it’s our last. If you think about how you would spend your last days what would you do? Where would you go? Would you party it up in Vegas everyday or jet around the world 7 days a week trying to see as many places as you could?

If you partied in Vegas every day of the week you wouldn’t last 3 days…and then it would most certainly be your last day. If you jet set around the world everyday would you really get to know the places you travelled to? What’s travel without spending time with the culture you’re visiting?

If you move too fast you’ll miss the important moments of your life and those of the people around you. If you move to slow you’ll miss those things too.

Maybe living everyday like it’s your last isn’t about doing a thing; maybe it’s about what you do with the important people in your life.

Plan vacations and see the world.

Take it easy and relax.

But when push comes to shove and the situation is grim what you’ll think about first are the people you love.

So for them, live for them like it’s your last day and set aside enough time to show them.


(Photo by Jose Diaz)

This is Home

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Far off in the distance a contrail of civilization crosses the sky.

Dusk settles into evening.

A wisp of wind cradles the creosote.

The first starlight punctures the sky with a faint shimmer.

The campfire roars to life.

I am home.


Course Correction…

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For my friends…

I often think about years past. About how they begin one way and end in another. You can’t really predict what will happen, nor can you assume to know where you will be 12 months down the line. Sometimes life throws you a curveball, change occurs within a short period of time, and you have to deal with the course correction.

As I’ve gotten older and more experienced, dealing with the course correction has become easier. However, the pain that comes with it is a force to be reckoned with.

You say to yourself “I got this” and keep pushing forward. Unless you crap your pants as an adult…you’ll stop pushing and you won’t get over it. I haven’t.

I’ve written about constants before and when you go through a period of change those constants have a way of coming back around; even if you’ve put them aside. Friends forgive and accept, water under the bridge.

It is possible to fully commit to an undertaking and still lose. That is not weakness, that is life. You just have to keep on going.

Thanks for reading =).


My bit of heaven…Big Sur.














So life throws you a curveball…

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What are you going to do? New blog post coming in a few days.




DIY: Wrangler Layflat Platform

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Hi All,

I’ve been wanting to take this project on for a long while and I finally got around to it. I removed my back seats last year wanting to build a flat platform to provide more cargo area for camping supplies when I head out into the wilderness. It could also serve as a sleeping platform.

There were four things I wanted from the design:

1: The platform required no drilling into the Jeep

2: Easy removal for repairs

3: The strength to hold up under tow straps and rocky terrain

4: Maintain the factory look

So…here it is!  More info past the pics..



The design is very simple and only requires the following items:

1: 3/4″ Oak Plywood (dont buy the cheap stuff)

2: Assorted wood screws (you can use most of the existing factory bolts for the rear seat

3: Outdoor carpet

4: Carpet glue

5: Swear words after you muck it up the first go around

6: Jig Saw with wood blade

7: 4×4 metal brackets (See pictures)

8: Saw horses

9: Circular Saw (optional…the Jig Saw worked just fine

10: Waterproof sealant for wood

11: T-square

12: 4×4 wood post

I did all of this for under $150. Most of the items on the market cost upwards of $400 and require drilling into the body of the Jeep. Enjoy the pics below. If you have any questions let me know!











A moment of clarity…

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Nothing but the sound of the fire and the coyotes far off in the distance.


Preventing a Snowball

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I’d like 2016 to be the year that I find myself heading back into the wild on a regular basis. Whether it’s a hike or a Jeep trip, being out in nature is on the top of my list.

A lot of us, including myself, tends to get caught up in our day to day. Sometimes we let something relatively minor snowball into something completely bigger than it actually is. It might be a deadline at work, it could be an argument you had with a family member; it’s usually something that won’t have any bearing on your life after a couple weeks out. Just a blip on the radar.

I’ve come to realize that preventing that snowball is figuring out what the constants are in your life. What are those things that you always refer back to when you try to calm your nerves. Everyone has constants even if they haven’t realized it.

One of my constants is the desert. I can go out year after year, decade after decade, and it remains relatively unchanged. It’s a place that that will always be as it was when I first found it. No matter the snowball, it will always be there waiting to bring me back down to reality.

To ground me in what really matters.

So when you’re about to snowball, take a moment to reflect on the constants in your life.

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