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Turquoise Mountain Trip

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Halloran Springs Road was a route maintained by AAA during the 1920’s and 30’s. As you drive along this road you will find evidence of the pavement that used to run from where we exited off the 15 freeway to Los Angeles. There are old sign posts, graves, bats, and an ancient turquoise mine that dates back to 500 AD.

We started our adventure by looking at a few Petroglyphs. If you look in the background you can see the 15 freeway. Bet this was never on your mind on the way to Vegas!

TMT 001

We arrived at the old Halloran Springs Road gas station. All that is left is the foundation, some pipes, a few cars, and a bowling pin.

TMT 006

A great view of Soda Dry Lake. If you look closely you can see Travelers Monument at the end of the Mojave Road.

TMT 013

We found a Hippo in the sand. Perhaps an old toy from a child of the 20’s?


An old mine with a grave…not too sure who was buried here.

TMT 015
Hmm…the Toltec mine is around here somewhere. Better get moving!

TMT 017

Took a wrong turn down this road. We ran into a man that owns this claim. Two dogs came running¬† towards the convoy and he popped out of his trailer. First thing he told us was, “This is my claim.” We assured him that we were only lost and wanted directions to the mine. I didn’t take any pics. That last thing I wanted him to see was a metal object being raised towards him. He was very agitated. He told us that we need to make a left turn at the crime scene.¬† The story is censored for students. Sorry guys!!!

We found the caution tape to guide the emergency services to the scene…

TMT 019
There is one road in and out of the mine. Don’t make a wrong turn because the other off shoots look good but end up totally washed out. You won’t be able to get out.


We arrived at the mine and decided to have lunch before exploring.
TMT 024
I went into the canyon to take a look at the posts that marked old claims from the 1800’s. Despite the heat it was beautiful. I’m always at peace out here.
TMT 044

We finally found the mine. Artifacts have been found here that date back to 500 AD. During the 1800’s a company moved in and mined the turquoise. It was massive. We had no idea what awaited us inside….

TMT 051
It was incredibly big!

TMT 072

I was the first to enter.


We were amazed at the different levels of the mine. There was an additional opening underneath the entrance level.

TMT 068

TMT 060

TMT 070

I saw a baby bat fly past me. We followed it into another tunnel. It was clinging to the roof staring at us. It took flight and tried to get past our bodies. After flying in a few circles it flew past our heads. For the first time in a perhaps a century three grown men were screaming for their lives inside the mine.

We decided it was time to leave the mine. We had some time to burn so we headed to Travelers Monument at Soda Dry Lake.


I had to bring an offering to the monument. I will be back on the Mojave Road in October.



TMT 107

TMT 106

I’ve always wanted to eat at Mad Greek so the crew headed back to Baker for dinner. I love a good Gyro.
TMT 112
Sunset on the 15 southbound. What a great day!

TMT 113