Panamint Valley and Death Valley Part II

After climbing this steep hill we continued on our way.

Joe Grand

We found an old mine and decided to investigate.

Pics 111

Pics 113

We found the double toilets in back of the shack. I was more interested in the fact that the walls were pink.

Pics 118

Someone is going to get a few parking tickets….about 60 years worth.

Copy of Pics 130

Old rail cart tracks leading into the mine.

Copy of Pics 140

Into the darkness…

Copy of Pics 141

Copy of Pics 136

A little piece of Fontana history. The Marie Liabeuf Winery opened in Fontana in 1925. The original location has since been torn down. If you are on poplar street south of Valley Blvd. you are standing on an old winery.  A little piece of Fontana is in Death Valley.

Pics 138

Next week I will be driving to this site to find out if any evidence of the winery remains.

It was time to say good bye to the mine and drive into the bottom of Death Valley.

Pics 145

Looking down on the valley from high atop the mountain.

Pics 164

The Sand Dunes of Death Valley.

Pics 178

Copy of Pics 179

Pics 181

I was determined to make it to the top. An interesting fact about these dunes is that they make music. If you are lucky enough to be here you can hear them sing in the key of G.

me sand

The sun was setting and it was time to make camp for the night. I never made it to the top…but the next trip I will.

Copy of Pics 184

This would be our last day in Death Valley as all the camping spots were full from spring vacationers. I’d like to come back here next year and explore different areas of the Valley.

The Devils Cornfield.

Pics 185

The Devils Golf Course. Can you spot the gopher?

Pics 199

Pics 200

Mustard Canyon.

Pics 167

Painters Palette.

Pics 203

Natural Bridge. It is a very large bridge!

Copy (2) of Pics 166

The Cathedral.

Copy of Pics 196

The desert can be very unforgiving.

Pics 191

Looking for the elusive Death Valley Brown Trout.

Lookin 4 fish

As we crossed the border into Nevada we looked up at the hills and the ghosts of Death Valley bid farewell.

Copy of Pics 207


2 Responses to “Panamint Valley and Death Valley Part II”

  1. shan939 Says:

    those toilets were too much to handle….ewwwww.

  2. thedesertfiles Says:

    Didn’t use them until after the picture!

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