The Mojave Road: October 2009

From Desert USA…..Perhaps the best treasure in eastern California’s Mojave National Preserve is a pair of tracks that cross the middle of it. This famous trail is the Mojave Road, one of the early routes that brought American pioneers to California. This trail is unique in that for most Mojave Road in the Lanfair Valley of this 138 mile stretch it is in much the same condition as the pioneers would have found it, and a lot of the trail passes through country that is virtually unchanged since prehistoric times. The road bisects the Preserve, wandering from waterhole to waterhole, and is mostly a 4-wheel-drive trail.The Mojave Road was a main wagon trail for only a relatively short time, for the two decades after the civil war, before the railroads came. The railways created an easier route to the south complete with oases on the bitter-dry deserts. While it was used, the Mojave Road was a route plagued by hostile Indians, lack of water, long stretches of sand and rough hill climbs. For caravans of travelers and a handful of soldiers, it was a proving ground that brought out the best and the worst of them.To those who took the Mojave Road by foot, horse and wagon, and the few men stationed along it to defend it, this uncommonly beautiful country was a peculiar form of hell. Dry and desolate, it was, and still is. To those men and women coming from the lush forests of the east and south, the desert land was a barren expanse to be barely tolerated before arriving in the Promised Land of California. It is still a dangerous stretch of road.


5 Responses to “The Mojave Road: October 2009”

  1. Madison Hall Says:

    When you went on your trip was it hard dry camping in the desert? How long did you spend sightseeing?

    • thedesertfiles Says:

      Hey Maddie!

      We spent 3 days total out on the Mojave Road. Dry camping in the desert isn’t all that difficult. I travel with an air bed so it’s just like being at home. Only issue is no restrooms. I should buy a trailer like you guys!

      Are you guys ready for Christmas?

  2. Just watched your video and it was awesome. Actually I watched all three of them. We are leaving this Thursday for the Mojave trail and seeing your footage was inspiring.
    Sometime in March was hitting the Bradshaw trail to. It looks like you did the Red Canyon trail out? Are route as well.
    Thanks and roll on!

  3. I still think it’s funny that you left the Woods Family off the intro list.

    • thedesertfiles Says:

      Hey now…don’t be bitter. I got the kids and “she who must be obeyed” on the list, and “she who must be obeyed” counts for the both of you =).

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