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Flight over the Mojave

Posted in Flight over the Mojave: December 2009 on February 22, 2010 by thedesertfiles

On December 18th I was fortunate enough to take a  flight over the Mojave Desert. We departed shortly after 11am from March Air Reserve base in Riverside County. Our flight took us north east of Palm Springs over the Clipper and Old Woman Mountain Ranges. Mid-flight we were along the southern most portion of the Mojave Preserve (somewhere over Essex south of I-40).

The target destination was the Old Woman Mountain Range. “The mountain range is approximately 15 miles (24 km) wide east to west at the widest point, and 25 miles (40 km) in length from north to south. The mountains receive very little precipitation, with just 4-10 inches of rain falling in a normal year. The Old Woman Statue, a prominent rock formation, is found on the eastern side of the range about two miles (3 km) south of Paramount Spring.”

Sometime in the spring we will return on the ground for a weekend off road trip. We are searching for the legend….

Click on the video below to watch the departure and continue reading on…

As we flew over Banning and Casino Morongo I got a great view of San Jacinto state park. The face of the mountain offers a treacherous climb up the ice falls for those who dare. In the next photo you will see the Palm Springs Tram Way. The tram way climbs 8,500 feet up the slope of the mountain.

The next video shows what Palm Springs looks like from the air. If you look closely you can almost see Bill Harris waving from the Jacuzzi.

Short video flying over Palm Springs…

After Palm Springs we flew out over the open desert and finally arrived at our Destination …the Old Woman Mountains.

Coming back over Casino Morongo

On Final Approach to French Valley Airport…

Landing at French Valley Airport.  Stay tuned for my return trip to the Clipper Mountains in May.