Howard Hughes Was Here…

Last fall my good friend Chris and I set out to find a now abandoned air strip that the legendary Howard Hughes once used to test his aircraft. We knew it was located somewhere near Harper Dry Lake. With our GPS and Maps we set out to find it…

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I am going back with a few more 4×4 buddies to see what else we can find. Want to go?


4 Responses to “Howard Hughes Was Here…”

  1. Neat find! Is that area accessible with a 2WD vehicle?

    • thedesertfiles Says:

      Yes it is actually. You can drive up the main road through Lockhart to get to the old airfield…but beyond that you need 4WD.

      • Thanks! as luck would have it, I sold my ‘Vette car camper and got instead an FJ cruiser. I can’t wait to head out West again! I will definitely try to visit that old airfield.

      • thedesertfiles Says:

        When you are out here let me know. I would be glad to show you around.

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