Rockets in the Mojave

Good Afternoon!

One of my favorite activites to do in the desert is to lay in my camping chair and stare up at the night sky. The middle of the Mojave is one of the best places sky watch. There are no city lights, no pollution, and you have an endless horizen free of trees and mountains. Take a look at the image below and you can get a taste of what you can see when you are in the Mojave. After the jump watch the video!!!


Growing up I would pick a star and wonder if a world was oribitng around it. Was it a planet? Was someone else looking up from their sky and wondering what Earth was? Do we look like a star to them?

What those questions in mind I went to Mrs. Diaz’s 5th grade class (My Mom) and taught a lesson on Mars Exploration. The students designed and planed a mission to Mars. They designed their vehicle, base, and return trip. Hoping to inspire their learning I travelled out to Johnson Valley and Soggy Dry Lake Bed in the Mojave Desert with a few friends. Please watch and enjoy!


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