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The Ultimate Guide to the El Paso Mountains

Posted in Uncategorized on May 30, 2012 by thedesertfiles

Coming Soon: Have you ever wanted to walk a half-mile inside of a mountain? Does walking straight down into a talc mine complete with turn of the century ore carts and tracks sound appealing? If you are looking for a great way to spend the day or weekend in the desert this summer the El Paso Mountains is the place you want to go. Great for first time and experienced off-roaders, the area is a great way to get your friends and family hooked into the desert experience. Stay tuned for GPS coordinates and more as we take a weekend drive to the El Paso Mountains.


Farewell to “Bodie” the Blue Jeep

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Well after 5 awesome years of desert adventures my Jeep is no more. I was forced to let him go due to mechanical issues. It just didn’t make sense fix the issue. After much thought, reflection, and tears I took him to a local dealer and sold him. Hopefully he’ll be picked up by someone else who will use him the ways Jeeps were meant to be used. I do look forward to purchasing another Jeep in the near future. The desert travels will continue (thank you Avis…shhhh!). Stay tuned for upcoming posts on “The Alamo”, the Coso Mountains, and Big Sur.