Mojave Moonlight: Tom Lowe

In May of this year I was fortunate enough to take another 4 day trek in the Mojave Preserve. On day 2 we stopped at the Kelso Depot where we found the Mojave Moonlight exhibit by photographer Tom Lowe. See more of his work at Someday, I hope to have his pictures hanging in my home.

They capture the incredible serenity of a what a night in the Mojave feels like. Imagine you are deep in the desert, far from any major roads or highways. The only thing you can hear is the distant whisper of the desert wind and you are able to look around for miles under the bright blue light of the full moon. There isn’t anything else like it.








2 Responses to “Mojave Moonlight: Tom Lowe”

  1. Thanks for the shout out on your blog, I really appreciate it. One thing though – the link to my photo site is incorrect. Please update it to my site
    The current link goes to Thomas Lowe – not an Artist in Residence in Mojave National Preserve.
    tom lowe

    • thedesertfiles Says:

      Wow!!! Thank you for coming over to my blog. I’m honored. I just changed link out to the correct website! Your photography is amazing!

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