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DIY: Wrangler Layflat Platform

Posted in Uncategorized on May 27, 2016 by thedesertfiles

Hi All,

I’ve been wanting to take this project on for a long while and I finally got around to it. I removed my back seats last year wanting to build a flat platform to provide more cargo area for camping supplies when I head out into the wilderness. It could also serve as a sleeping platform.

There were four things I wanted from the design:

1: The platform required no drilling into the Jeep

2: Easy removal for repairs

3: The strength to hold up under tow straps and rocky terrain

4: Maintain the factory look

So…here it is! ┬áMore info past the pics..



The design is very simple and only requires the following items:

1: 3/4″ Oak Plywood (dont buy the cheap stuff)

2: Assorted wood screws (you can use most of the existing factory bolts for the rear seat

3: Outdoor carpet

4: Carpet glue

5: Swear words after you muck it up the first go around

6: Jig Saw with wood blade

7: 4×4 metal brackets (See pictures)

8: Saw horses

9: Circular Saw (optional…the Jig Saw worked just fine

10: Waterproof sealant for wood

11: T-square

12: 4×4 wood post

I did all of this for under $150. Most of the items on the market cost upwards of $400 and require drilling into the body of the Jeep. Enjoy the pics below. If you have any questions let me know!