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Life by 40,000 Miles

Posted in Uncategorized on April 3, 2017 by thedesertfiles


I’ve always loved watching the odometer hit a milestone. On our way home from a fundraiser I noticed that the Jeep was about to hit 40,000 miles. Usually I congratulate myself for keeping the miles low for the year, but this time I started thinking about everything that occurred in my life during those first 40,000.

Without retreading over other blog posts I’ve written, my life since 2010 has had quite a few ups and downs. Some of it fantastic and some of it down right horrible. And when it comes to my blog, lately I’ve been struggling to find a topic to write about. Most of the time inspiration hits and the little voice in my head says “you should write a blog post about that!” Not so much in the past few months.

Looking back through my previous posts a lot of what I had written about was getting through challenging times; little nuggets of self-realization that happened when I was in deep thought about serious life moments. The original intention of my blog was to share my desert adventures with students. To give them a window into the fun and enjoyment of outdoor recreation, and to explore places unknown.

But life changed and my purpose for the blog shifted into an outlet to share my thoughts and learnings. However, like I’ve mentioned…during the past few months I’ve been in a blog rut. Only it wasn’t really a rut.

It took some time but I finally realized why. It’s because for the first time in a long time, I’m truly happy. It had been such a long time since things were normal steady that change and upheaval were my “normal”. My blog rut was because things have finally gotten good.

“Wow, this is what it was supposed to feel like all along?”

“This is the stability I thought was out of reach.”

“I can’t believe it’s finally here.”

“You mean to tell me I don’t have to worry about that? Or this?”

…are all thoughts that have been recurring to me over the past few months. I used to not let myself get too happy because my line of thinking was, “well it’s probably going to turn to shit anyway so I better prepare myself.”

I don’t much think like that anymore. I’m going to fully embrace how good everything is because it’s about time.

So with that I’m really looking forward to the next 40,000 miles and getting back to the true intent of my blog. Desert Adventures and irritable bowel syndrome awareness.