United Health Care…how dare you.

Dear United Health Care,

Why are you hurting us?

My Wife and I are both covered under your insurance and she is currently undergoing IVF treatment with an in-network provider.

However, because Kaiser is her primary carrier, before we receive any coverage from United, everything has to be sent to Kaiser first so they can reject the claim (Kaiser does not cover or deal with IVF), then processed, and then the rejection notice needs to be sent back to my insurance company in order for our claims and orders to be processed by United Health Care.

We have finally pushed Kaiser to send back denials with EOBs and now guess what? United is denying our claims. This is frustrating, sad, and depressing…are you not supposed to be an advocate for us?

We have a blanket denial of benefits letter from Kaiser, our doctors office has sent over stamped and marked denials and EOBs which clearly indicate we, the patient, are not covered under Kaiser and are responsible for the amount.

Here are your mission values in case you forgot….


How are you meeting any of those values with how you are treating us? You should be ashamed that you tout the mission statement that you do, then treat your patients like you are treating us.

It’s intolerable

You may reach me at jmdiaz@ucla.edu.


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