About Mr. Diaz/Contact Info


As a poet, philosopher, teacher, published artist, and body double, Mr. Diaz  enjoys trekking into the desert to document the forgotten history of The American Southwest.

In reality he is only some of those. 

Some would call him a modern day Indiana Jones. Others would call him the most interesting man in the world. Most think he is weird.






6 Responses to “About Mr. Diaz/Contact Info”

  1. Your blog is very informative and entertaining. I like it! Keep it up, I look forward to another adventure.

  2. Good afternoon mr. Diaz,

    A few years ago I Posted on a forum (naxja or expedition portal) about a compound I found in rancho San diego and you asked for the coordinates; did you ever go and explore the site? Did you find out anything interesting? I just came across your message to me and thought I’d check. Kyle (aka anzajeep).

  3. Really enjoyed your video’s and information, maybe we should work together on a story or two. I am the editor and publisher of Dezert magazine, check out our site and if you like what you see, please send me send me a email. Thx

  4. Hey Mr. Diaz,
    Thanks for the shout out on your blog, I really appreciate it. One thing though – the link to my photo site is incorrect. Please update it to my site http://tomlowephoto.com/
    The current link goes to Thomas Lowe – not an Artist in Residence in Mojave National Preserve.
    tom lowe

  5. On July 10, 2003 my 28 year old daughter, Sarah was murdered on Halloran Springs Road just off the highway. She was found on a the road by a tree. I have been looking at your pictures. Probably one of your pictures showed the site. I have never seen it. Right now her son is stationed at Fort Irwin. He was so little when it happened he does not know where it happened. I am not going to tell him how close he is. I know this is not what you expected in a comment but I thank you for these pictures. I needed to see them.

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